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Connecting offices to new opportunities

We are a business law network that brings together offices in all regions of Brazil and abroad.
Founded in 2004, LEXNET was the first initiative of its kind in the country – but what it offers to participants and their customers goes far beyond the pioneering.

Each office connected to LEXNET is independent and brings to the network a unique combination of experience and expertise. And all are united under the same values of innovation, shared knowledge and strategic cooperation.


Apply current legislation to improve the business environment


Networking multiplies opportunities


  • Unquestionable professional ethics
  • Solidarity, transparency and partnership
  • Focus on the client and their business
  • Quality: in services, team, and relationships
  • Co-working and results sharing
  • Competitive fees and rewarding results
  • A gility


Our directors

Plínio Ribeiro

attorney from the Law School of Sorocaba and post-graduate degree in Business Strategies for APG-MBA Amana-Key program.

Lucia Zimmermann

lawyer from PUC-SP and economist graduated by the University of São Paulo, with a postgraduate degree in Agricultural Economics and Development Banks from FIPE-USP.



Cristiano Carrion – Porto Alegre –Br.
Daniel Gabrilli – Expert in Administrative Law
Eduardo Silveira – Expert in Intelectual Property
Flavio Guberman – Rio de Janeiro- Br.
Gustavo Fonseca – Belém – Br.
Jair Jaloreto Jr. – Expert in Enterprise Criminal Law
Lucia Whitaker Zimmermann – LEXNET Consultoria
Luiz Eduardo Vidigal Lopes da Silva – São Paulo – Br.
Marcelo Vilela – Belo Horizonte – Br.
Matias Vagedes – Buenos Aires –Ar.
Plinio Jovem Ribeiro- LEXNET Consultoria
Rodrigo Alvares – Aracaju – Br.
Yuri Varella – Vitória – .Br

Associates and partners


Who does LEXNET?
LEXNET consists of contemporary and innovative offices. Offices led by highly trained professionals who have postgraduate, masters and doctorate degree. Able to understand the strategic value of networking and cooperation to ensure a more competitive performance in an increasingly global market.

The network currently connects 28 law firms in all regions of Brazil and in Uruguay and France, and various service providers.

The law firms fall into three categories:

Full Service
Offer all kinds of legal services (tax, corporate, civil or labor) related to business law, both in litigation and in advisory sphere.


Have specific expertise in different areas of business law. Specialties include Intellectual Property; Family and Succession law, Private Pension, Corporate Criminal law, Administrative law, Crisis Management, Bankruptcy and Legal Recovery, Complex Tax law and Real Estate law.


Offices that collaborate performing services as petitions protocols, monitoring processes, hearings and copies extraction, among others.


Service Providers
They are professionals that support offices participating in many different areas – such as translators, economists, accountants, auditors, administrators, experts in human resources specialists.




Strategic partnerships, shared benefits.

LEXNET offers a unique digital environment that facilitates the exchange of information and collaboration between lawyers from connected offices.

The result of this exchange is a work marked by integration and cooperation – and this brings strategic gains for all.

More scope
Participant offices develop partnerships that increase its service capacity in various regions of Brasil and in strategic areas of the Southern Cone and Europe.

More knowledge
LEXNET promotes circulation of intellectual production of its members throughout the network. Every connected office shares its knowledge and relies in the experience and cooperation of others.

New business
With more knowledge and ability to operate in previously inaccessible regions, each office connected to LEXNET see a greater flow of new opportunities for business. In each, it starts to act more competitively and efficiently, with lower costs and offer more for their customers.




If you have questions, suggestions, requests or critical issues related to our alliance or to LEXNET Offices, complete data below and send us your message .



Av. Paulista, 2073 Horsa II, 14 andar, cj 1404 São Paulo – SP 01311-300

+55 (11) 3285-3493